121 Festival

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Graphic system and visual identity for 121 Festival, an electronic music festival located in South Wairarapa, New Zealand.

This festival goes much beyond music and creates a whole universe based on 4 different worlds that coexist together: Wellness, Music & Art, Markets and Camping.

121 is an electronic festival that is located right inside the stunning landscapes of New Zealand, that’s why the core of the identity is based in the powerful contrast of nature and technology. The duality of nature-tech was represented by the definition of the identity typographies, creating a complementary organic alphabet that will live together with a grotesk typeface across the whole identity.

The diverse and transversal nature of the festival was the key point for defining the visual identity. Seeking to express the diversity of the festival and represent the transversality of this four words, we designed a set of 4 different icons that will complement the rest of the identity elements.

The contrast of the typographies together with the language of the icons will build a diverse, unique and striking identity.

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